Adoré Business Card Psychology

You Can Incredibly Increase Your Business Profit By Using Business Card Psychology. This Is How You Do It...

Adoré Business Card Psychology is designed to help businessmen, businesswomen and entrepreneurs attain higher profit by applying the psychology principles on their business cards.

By applying Adoré Business Card Psychology on your business card, you can expand your business riding on the invisible force of human psychology! You can dramatically increase the chances of turning your business into a profitable enterprise, instead of just surviving. You no longer need to worry about making ends need. Your business will have the ability to grow and achieve profits beyond your wildest dreams.

Perhaps, now is your pivotal stage. You can either design a business card that attracts business to you. OR, letting your potential clients or customers throw away your business cards, deny you the moneymaking opportunity and struggle to survive.

Make the smart decision to learn how to design a business card that can bring you more business!!! My one of its kind Adoré Business Card Psychology e-Book has the solution you need.

The Invisible Factors

Do you know that a company with good vision & mission, sound management and even with hardworking staff & employees do not guarantee success? No doubt, these are the essential tangible concerns for a company's growth. But, has anybody realised that the invisible forces are also hidden concern for a company's growth and success?

Intangible (Invisible Forces)
Good Vision & Mission
Sound Management
Hard Work
The Attraction
The Look & Feel
The Hidden Message

When a company is being established, a company name is being selected. Most companies will also have the company logo designed, and have Business Cards printed. But, how many people actually pay attention to the intangible concerns lies within the company name, company logo and the Business Card designs? I can let you know this much; an easily remembered name and logo always has an edge compared to those who do not have one.

Taking "McDonald's" as an example. The name itself has an attraction, where the image of the Ronald McDonald with a smile will automatically appear in a person's mind's eye. The McDonald's logo is the combination of red & yellow colour, which has the look & feel of glory and happiness. McDonald's also engraved the hidden messages of happiness, proposing the sense of belonging, and promoting the thought of becoming part of the McD community. All these are the important essence of the invisible forces or the intangible entity of a successful company.

So, looking back at your own company. Do you see any intangible entities supporting your company? If the answer is no, it is time for you to take a serious look into this subject matter. You can either stay put with whatever you have now, or make the smart decision to learn how to design a business card from Adoré Business Card Psychology e-Book. Click here to order.

Business Card Design Experiment

After looking at the above business cards, just ask yourself which business cards stand a better chance of getting sales from you if you were to buy. The answer is obvious. The redesigned cards look more vibrant and professional compared to their previous designs.

Note : These Business Cards are custom designed for the specific business. Your business is different and therefore you should not copy the same designs, layout, or colors, in an effort to apply principles to your business card. You can actually damage your business potential by applying the wrong principle on your business card.

Looking at on your own Business Card. What do you think? Do you think it can "convince" you to buy your company's products/services if you were the customers?

Your Business Card Fate:
Dustbin Vs. Rolodex

Do you remember what happened to those business cards that you have collected in the networking events? With whom you have exchanged business cards with? How many cards have you thrown away because you have forgotten whom the business cards belong to and what do they do for a living?

Now, go to your Rolodex and look at those business cards you have collected. Chances are that you retain those cards for a valid reason - you may know the person or the person has a product or service that you may need in the future.

With that in mind, now ask yourself - does your business card deserves the Dustbin or Rolodex? It's amazing how much money you're letting slip through your fingers if you're constantly handing out business cards that do not generate sales for you.

Is Your Business Card Your Silent Salesman

After all the money invested in your business, I am sure you want to make money out of it. A lot of people have overlooked the hidden power of Business Card. Do you know that your Business Card can be the Silent Salesman for your company, if being used correctly? Business Card is a tool that you use to keep in touch with other businesses. If you want an above average sales result, doesn't your Business Card also deserve an above average design too?

Turn your business card into a Silent Salesman for your business. It should effectively advertise your business, product or services for you. In other words, let your business card speak for you!!! Let it help promote your business! Let it create an instant impact on those who receive it! People always put more trust into printed communication than verbal communication. Printed communication spells authority and professionalism. It also allows your prospects to have a glimpse of how you deliver your products and services.

Now, this is your chance to turn your Business Card into a Silent Salesman with Adoré Business Card Psychology. You can learn how to do this in the Adoré Business Card Psychology e-Book


Yick has a flair for combining good layout and artistry design with the human psychology. He also has a concise way of determining your future business vision and focusing on you so that the business card is right for you and your business. His work is a great asset to my business.

Shantelle Gold

What can Adoré
Business Card Psychology Do

Everything you want to know about your company, your prospects' companies, and your customers' companies; are all subconsciously printed on the business cards. With Adoré Business Card Psychology, you can decode the hidden messages, in identifying

  • the strengths & weaknesses of your company.
  • the financial status of your company; whether at the status of profitability or at risk of bankruptcy.
  • the management support of your company.
  • the expansion power of your company.
  • the loyalty & capabilities of the employees in your company.

Solution :
From Adoré business Card Psychology, you will learn how to redesign your business card to :

  • Overcome stagnant sales & generate more sales and income.
  • Transform business disasters and obstacles into business opportunities.
  • Revive dying business & expand your business at a faster speed.
  • Avoid demanding customers & attract more high quality clients and customers.
  • Change commodity like products & services into unique, highly demanded products & services.
  • Stay away from unproductive and problematic employees & obtain loyal and professional employees.
  • Stimulate sleeping customers & improve your company's cash flow.
  • Eliminate negative comments and public relationship & strengthen your business reputation.
  • Prevent volatile business cycle & gain better business stability.
  • And many more ...

Many people have benefited and amazed with the results of the Adoré Business Card Psychology, with NO regrets. Now, you too can learn all the "how-to" in the Adoré Business Card Psychology e-Book to improve your business. Click here to order.

How Adoré Business Card
Psychology Works


Adoré Business Card Psychology provides an immediate and accurate insight of a company, just by analyzing the Business Card design. It is common to hear the response "how do you know that?" whenever a business card is being analyzed. When you study the Adoré Business Card Psychology Manual, you too will become a Business Card Psychologist.

So, what is the secret of Adoré Business Card Psychology? The Adoré Business Card Psychology mainly applies the 3 main concepts to achieve Transformation, which consists of Pattern Recognition, Reverse Mindmap and Analysis.

All items that are on the Business Card are being considered as data for the analysis; which includes the company logo, company name, Business Card's size, Business Card's paper quality, background colours, font colours, font sizes, positions and etc.

Adoré Business Card Psychology works by recognizing the psychology patterns in the Business Card designs, where each pattern has its own unique meaning - Pattern Recognition. The Adoré Business Card Psychology emphasizes on the concept of cause and effect. It is the law of the universe, where nothing happened by accident, and there is no coincidence in life. Whatever happened in the past is bound to happen again in the future. There are patterns to be tracked and traced, which leads to certain result.

The next step is Reverse Mindmap. When a Business Card is being designed, the information of the company is subconsciously being carved into the Business Card. In other words, the Business Card is just a reflection of the mind, of the overall performance of the company. This process is to put into the company owner's shoes, and think like what he was thinking when the Business Card was designed.

Analysis is the last step. This is where the psychologist delivers the hidden messages of the company from the Business Card using Adoré Business Card Psychology. From the analysis, Adoré Business Card Psychology can assist you to identify the company's strength and weaknesses easily and accurately. When you know what is happening to your company, you would know what are the areas to enhance & improve, without wasting much time.

These are the 3 essential steps in transforming your Business Card into a Silent Salesman. The right Business Card Psychology will boost your company's performance!

Now, you can see that Adoré Business Card Psychology is a step-by-step process. You too can learn all the simple and direct steps in the Adoré Business Card Psychology e-Book to transform your business profitability today!

Business Card Template 01

This is the most commonly used business card design. 7 out of 10 business cards have a design similar to this one. When your business card has this design, it means you are working very hard but getting very little return. Most of the money you have made slips away without reasons to cover the unforeseen expenses. This design gives you very little opportunity to retain your earnings.

This design spells work pressure. When you are the pillar of your company, you need to be around to supervise, or else everything that can go wrong will go wrong at the wrong time. As the pillar of your company, you are making money for your employees, instead of your employees making money for you. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Business Card Template 02

If employees were to use Business Cards that are being designed for bosses / employers, this will cause the employees to become self-sufficient and might challenge the management's authority. Generally, it is not advisable to put the employee's names above the company's name. It is also not advisable for the employer to have the name of the employee put on the right hand top corner of the Business Card, because the employee is employed to do work, and NOT to attempt to be the boss!

Business Card Template 03

Designing Business Card for your sales personnel is probably the most important task because it determines the flow of your money. Don't take chances, instead be careful and follow the principles of Adoré Business Card Psychology. Apply the wrong design principles, and your sales team will be wasting time sitting in the office. They will hang around waiting for the customers to come to them. You will have a passive team instead of the necessary aggressive go-getters. Come on! Get real! Sales team should get up, get out and generate sales. Business will not drop from the sky. When you put a sales personnel name on the middle left hand side of the business card, you can observe the tremendous negative impact.

Business Card Template 04

When your company's name is at the bottom of the business card, 95% of the time, the company can't last for more than 5 years. It is disastrous!!! It is very likely that your company will face many unforeseen obstacles, one after another, and you cannot recover. Worse still, you will attract many people who pretend to help you but the fact is they will do more harm than good. Place your company name there and the business will surely decline...

Business Card Template 05

In most circumstances, if you see a Business Card where there is a line or two with distinct color separating the card, the person using the business card is usually unable to stay focus at work, as something else is always occupying his/her mind. In the case of employees, this will lead them to providing sub-standard services to customers and cause the company to lose businesses. Soon, no one will refer business to you. You constantly have to find new customers to replace lost ones. Your business can hang on but it cannot prosper.

Note : The templates are for reference purposes only. An in-depth analysis of a business card requires the overall business card design, with added information such as

  • The nature of business
  • Colors and shapes on the business card layout / background
  • The position of the company logo / product logo / picture
  • The fonts being used in the business card

Now, you can refer to the Adoré business Card Psychology e-Book and make everything right. Click here to order your copy of the e-Book.


Hi Yick,

When I first receive my new design of my business card, I couldn't stop starring at it. It is totally different from the traditional cards that I have seen and received. The logo design and colours selection are 'eye catching' and I have the pleasure of watching the reaction of every person I handed the card to.

The comments range from 'very professional looking' to 'up-market' kind of business card. With our commitment to professionalism and excellence in providing quality service, the card further strengthens the message.

The clients do look at the card much longer than the usual habit of putting straight away into the pocket. I believe the card will make a mark in their memory bank!!

Thank you for the great business card design. It is a design that I will be proud to carry around!

Penny Ng
Bandar Sunway
Selangor, Malaysia

What's Inside the Manual?

Here is an overview of the Adoré business Card Psychology e-Book.

Chapter 1 - Introduction To Business Card Psychology
The origin of Adoré business Card Psychology , with discussion on basic psychology principles.

Chapter 2 - 9 Quadrants Methodology
An explanation of how 9 Quadrants Methodology being incorporated into the Adoré business Card Psychology, and how it is being applied on a Business Card.

Chapter 3 - 3 Keys of Resource Management
A chapter of discussion into the fundamental resources needed to run a business, and a must know to every businessman.

Chapter 4 - 60 Business Card Designs To Watch For
Simple guidelines in providing an overview of how the designs reflect & affect a company's business.

Chapter 5 - The 15 Items on a Business Card
A straightforward explanation on the 15 essential items on a Business Card, with tips on how to make full-use of them.

Chapter 6 - 36 Business Card Templates
A chapter full of Business Card Templates in providing an analysis of the designs, how it affects the company's business, and recommendations on which is the best Business Card design to use.

Chapter 7 - Business Card In Action
An overview of the Science behind Business Card dynamic, and recommendations on how to leverage with your Business Card.

Chapter 8 - Business Networking
This chapter is about the application of Business Networking with your Business Card, with exact conversation examples.

Chapter 9 - Case Studies
Discussions on the application of Adoré Business Card Psychology on some Business Cards of real existing companies.

Those who have read the Manual have been amazed by the extensive research I have done before writing the Adoré Business Card Psychology Manual. But that's not all. They are even more impression with the speed of result. Most than 80% of my clients see an increase of profit in less than 30 days. You too can be one of them. Now, you too can learn all the Business Card Psychology "know-how" in the Adoré Business Card Psychology e-Book. It worth every penny of your money. Click here to order.

Adoré Business Card Psychology Manual
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Despite all the research I have done and the statistics that I have collected, they are many sceptics who still may not be fully convinced that Business Card Psychology can actually help improve the bottom line of their business. I have seen people who would rather keep on losing money in their business instead of seeking approriate solutions. This may be due to sceptism or ignorance. Whatever it is, it puzzles me and I hate to see this happen to any business. If you still feel that buying my Business Card Psychology Manual poses a risk to you, than let me reverse the risk. I WILL BEAR ALL THE RISKS AND YOU SHALL HAVE ZERO RISK. Here is the no risk offer.


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Apply as outlined in the Business Card Psychology Manual and you will see the difference in less than 30 days. SEEING IS BELIEVING!!!

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Have a prosperous business,

Yick Tan

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Pps: If you still feel skeptic about Business Card Psychology, I urge you to give it a try. And, I bet you will change your mind after that!!!

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